Tourists attractions

It is necessary to see in Niepołomice:

  • Gothic Royal Castle from XIVc.

  • Church compound and Noegothic town hall,

  • Puszcza Niepołomicka with many charming spots,


Our town Niepołomice is also a perfect  place to set out for one-day trips to

 “ tourist pearls of Małopolska”.

The places we recommend most are:

  • Cracow – 25 km – former capital city of Poland, European City of Culture 2000

  • Wieliczka – 10 km – Salt Mine which is put down on worlds’ list by UNECSO,

  • Bochnia – 15 km – Salt Mine , as interesting as the one in Wieliczka,

  • Auschwitz – 60 km – witness of Holocaust,

  • Pieniny mountains – 60 km – picturesque limestone mountains with Dunajec River and emotive white-water rafting,

  • Zakopane -100 km – winter capital city of Poland , a cradle of mountain folklore.


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